Hurricane Idalia aftermath

Hurricane Idalia briefly strengthened into an extremely dangerous Category 4 over the Gulf of Mexico early Wednesday but then weakened slightly back to a Category 3 before making landfall at Keaton Beach in the Big Bend region of Florida, the National Hurricane Center said. It warned the storm was bringing “catastrophic” storm surge and “destructive winds and flooding waters.”

What should I do in case of property damage?

Safety is the most important.

Always be careful when entering a damaged building. If there is serious structural damage, contact local officials before entering. Report downed power lines or gas leaks. Keep electricity turned off if the building has been flooded.

Clean up safely

Hire a professional as HES Restoration to do the proper cleaning and mitigate the damages, specially after hurricane Idalia aftermath.


Before the storm, what should I do?

Put in a safe place important documents as passports, house deed, and insurance policies. Take plenty pictures/photos of your property as an evidence of support.

During the storm, where should I go?

Shelter need to be seek prior to the arrival of the storm. During the storm look for safe grounds in high areas with solid constructions.

What should I do after the storm?

Make sure the outside of your property is a safe place, during high winds power lines might fell down. Assess the damages by taking pictures, making an inventory of your contents. Have handy the phone number of your insurance company and always call HES Restoration to recover your property as soon as possible.